We are excited to announce that Tritonman will once again be hosting a Draft Legal race! On Saturday, February 16, 2019 this fun style of racing will be brought back to San Diego and give racers a chance to compete in DL before Nationals! Note that age-groupers, collegiate athletes, and elite athletes will all be competing against each other--be prepared for a fast race! Each wave will be capped at 75 entrants. 

In general, we will strive to follow the draft legal EDR rules: please read over the Draft Legal Rules before coming to our race. 

Who can enter
    • Collegiate triathletes with extensive prior racing experience. You do not need to have competed in a draft-legal race before, but if this is the case, be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules beforehand. 
    • Age-group athletes may also enter this race, provided they have extensive racing experience. 
    • Professional triathletes are encouraged to sign up, and best of all, entry for you all is free!
    • The field will be highly competitive. We'll post the list of registered athletes at the bottom of this page a few months before the race, and will update it weekly
How to Register
  • Collegiate athletes: we'll initially hold spots for each collegiate team for 2 men and 2 women in our draft-legal race. We want all teams to have a chance to score points in the WCCTC omnium, so we'll keep a few spots in reserve until Feb 1st to make sure all teams can enter. After Feb first, collegiate teams can request more spots until the race is full, with priority given to WCCTC teams. Coaches, please email race@ucsdtriathlon.org in order to get a registration link for your athletes. Collegiate athletes do not need to be pre-approved by our race committee -- we trust coaches to select athletes with sufficient race experience.
  • Age-group athletes may also enter this race, provided they have extensive racing experience, including draft-legal races. Please email us at race@ucsdtriathlon.org detailing your previous racing experience.
  • Professional triathletes are encouraged to sign up, and best of all, entry for you all is free! Please email us in order to get your discount code and a link for registration.
Required equipment
    • Aero helmets are not permitted.
    • Torso must be covered from race start to finish. Either a trisuit or tri-top + bottom are allowed (please note that for Collegiate athletes, in order to receive points for your team you MUST have your school name visible on your kit)
    • Bicycle must have a traditional triangular frame; wheels must have at least 12 spokes and should be of equal dimensions; handlebars must be traditional drop-style with bar-ends plugged; clip-on aerobars may not extend beyond the brake levers’ foremost line and must be bridged; no bar-end gear shifters allowed; elbow pads are allowed
Race rules
    • The pre-race briefing (Friday, February 15, 2019 at 6pm) is mandatory
    • Pre-race briefing is at Moment Bicycles (2816 Historic Decatur Rd Suite 135), same place as packet-pickup.
    • Athletes must move forward after the start signal
    • Blocking or interfering with the forward progress of another competitor is not allowed.
    • Helmet chin-strap MUST be buckled at all times when touching the bike
    • Athletes overtaken (lapped) by the race leader on the bike course will be disqualified
    • Unsportsmanlike conduct, including inappropriate language directed at fellow competitors, volunteers, or officials, may result in disqualification
Draft Legal Athletes Registered (As of 2/12/19)

Race/start numbers will be randomly assigned prior to race day.
Athletes, please check to make sure your name is spelled correctly.
Men's Wave
Tyler Andree
Morgan Burnett
Christopher Pukszta
Ian Rappaport
Cole Ridenour
Shawn Forer
Roy Madrid
Chris Gill
Ricardo Cortes
Benny Smith
Tyler Kenny
Mark Kolding
Dean DeBonis
Mickey Shulkin
Chad Whittington
Scott Schubert
Jacob Miyauchi
Axel Abraham Flores Gonzalez
Jacob Alderete
Tyler Andree
Joshua Archer
Erik Armes
Kieran Bolger
Morgan Burnett
Nathaniel Cabrera
Adrien Calmels
Julio Castaneda
Nathan Cohen
Brody Cormier
Ricardo Cortes
Malcolm Davis
Dean DeBonis
Isaac Diaz
James DuPriest
Axel Abraham Flores Gonzalez
Shawn Forer
Rick Franc
Davis Frease
Prashanth Ganesh
Jeff Gautreau
Patrick Gelbach
Chris Gill
Cullen Goss
Zane Grenoble
Zack Hamner
Sean Harrington
Jesse Holt
Benjamin Hoskins
Matthew Ison
Kevin Jervis
Mason Johnson
Tyler Kenny
Mark Kolding
Ryan Lund
Brian Ly
Roy Madrid
Mike Meehan
Malcolm Mitchell
Jacob Miyauchi
Dylan Ostermann
Alexander Petri
Lucas Pinto
Tyler Plihcik
Christopher Pukszta
Denis Pyryev
Josiah Randerson
Thomas Raney
Ian Rappaport
Bradley Rava
Calum Rickard
Cole Ridenour
Tom Robey
Adam Roeder
Alexander Romanenko
Bear Schickel
Luke Schofield
Jayden Schofield
Scott Schubert
Eddie Schultz
Mickey Shulkin
Kevin Simmons
Stephen Sloan
Benny Smith
Max Stapel-Kalat
Jack Toland
Jonathan Waltman
Barry Weickert
Chad Whittington
Gordon Williams
Quinten Williams
Moses Wolfe-Polgar
Women's Wave
Taylor Abbott
Anne Alter
Bryce Baca
Anna Belk
Jocelyn Bonney
Ashley Cheff
Jamie Christy
Nicole Collins
Hollis Crowder
Abby Douglas
Sarah Foster
Emma Gale
Eva Goodisson
Lara Gruden
Nicole Holly
Marisa Johnson
Nicole Jordan
Emily Lathrop
Kayja Mann
Isabella Matragrano
Stephany Mayer
Annika McBride
Marta Meinardi
Emilia Millan
Cayla Miller
Brittany Oliver
Kelly Oneil
Estee O'Sullivan O'Sullivan
Kaeli Otto
Ella Pachler
Katie Patrick
Rebecca Peer
Karina Polanco-Jimenez
Beril Polat
Alexandra Porter
Liesl Schleusener
Jennifer Schulman
Alexandra Schwein
Addison Seale
Gina Sereno
Bella Siering
Kerry Simmons
Natalie Smith
Sarah Soutoul
Olivia Wade
Ellie Walsh
Natalie Wang
Emily Wapman
Victoria Woolfolk
Iris Wu

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